It has been a long time since the last issue of ‘Bits and Pieces’ – last October to be precise.  The reason for the gap had to do with the editor’s health. First, there was an irregular heartbeat, which led to seventeen days in hospital and the installation of a pacemaker.  Good progress was being made when along came a minor stroke and ten days in another hospital.  Fortunately, there was no paralysis, but some voice and balance concerns were experienced, but nothing to hinder the resumption of ‘Bits and Pieces’.


     The Lord wonderfully provided our house in Toronto.  A promise given in Ulster in 1976, “I will build him a sure house” [1 Samuel 2:35] was marvelously fulfilled in 1977, so we lived in and enjoyed our home in Seven Oaks for forty-seven years.  My wife and I knew that, with advancing years, we would eventually have to make a move.

     However, we told the Lord we were willing to move, but He would have to make us both know when the time came, and that we would be assured of the Lord’s will in the matter.

     Our house had three sets of stairs, not very helpful to someone with a stroke problem.  The Lord made things clear from Ezekiel 12:3.  “Prepare thee stuff for removing…Thou shalt remove from thy place to another place.”  That instruction was sure enough.

     My wife and I, and our four children, met at a Christian building in Uxbridge to look at a suitable condo.  Unknown to us a man was looking to buy a better unit, but he could not sleep that night and in the morning cancelled his interest in the deal.  Hence, it was offered to us.  Our whole family knew it was the Lord.  We knew also it was perfect for our needs. God makes no mistakes, and we are happy in it.


       Ontario was a-buzz with excitement on Monday past because of the total solar eclipse.  Over one million people gathered at Niagara Falls, one of the best viewing areas for the natural phenomenon.  However, there was quite a bit of cloud which somewhat marred the viewing pleasure but the cloud passed sometimes so we were able to see the shadow of the moon slowly cross the sun.

     At the moment of totality it got very dark on earth, and it got quite cold as the heat of the sun was blanked out. The animals and birds were somewhat confused thinking night had come early.  But after a few minutes of darkness things brightened up again.

     An eclipse of the sun occurs when the moon gets between the sun and the earth.  Those three orbs move in perfect God appointed orbits with such accuracy that scientists can predict eclipses of the moon and sun to the nearest fraction of a second.

     Do people never stop to think Who set up and maintains these orbs in their orbits so precisely? It seems that few do.


     At a time like the recent eclipse of the sun the words the Psalmist come to mind.  “When I consider thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that Thou art mindful of him? [8:3,4].

     Instead of so much useless talk about the ‘magic’ of the solar event they would be well to look at David’s question and consider the “heavens”which are the direct creation of God. We are created by Him. He is also our Redeemer.

     Isaiah describes man as infinitely small when compared to the infinity of God.  Men are as “grasshoppers”.  The nations of the world are as the “the small dust of the balance” and “a drop of a bucket”  [Isaiah 40:15,22.]  Who are we to question the work of the Lord God Almighty?


     One of the major aspects of Toronto Free Presbyterian Church is undoubtedly Whitefield Christian Schools.  With over 270 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 it is an expensive undertaking, but the Lord has always supplied the need.  An essential part of the school ministry is a bus, which can be shared between the church and school.  Especially does the school need a vehicle to move students on various projects.

     The present bus was purchased twelve years ago and has served admirably, but like all of us the years are piling up and it needs replacement. The Board decided to begin a drive to purchase a new vehicle, and already about $60,000 has been raised.  If we could double that, we would be well on the way to placing an order for a new bus.  Will you help us?  You can see a chart of the progress in the vestibule of the church.