If We Sin . . .

“If any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.” 1 John 2:1

True Christians are painfully aware of their shortcomings. They feel sin with a keenness unknown to ungodly men. It robs them of their joy. It mars their fellowship with God. It destroys their service. So, what can we do when we sin?

Today’s text teaches us a vital lesson: the free grace of God in Christ has not only provided us with a full forgiveness but also with a righteous Advocate who pleads our cause before God when we sin. We naturally hang our heads in shame when we sin and feel we are so unworthy that we should avoid God’s presence. That is a fatal mistake. Lift your eyes into the heavens and behold at God’s right hand a Friend, a Champion who does not forsake His blood-bought people when they fall.

As an advocate, Christ agrees that our sin is a breach of divine law and deserves to be punished. However, He goes on to say that He as our substitute fully bore all the wrath of God against all our sin. His blood argues that we have been redeemed from the curse of the law and have been justified freely by God’s grace. In effect, Christ says, ‘Father, this one has sinned. But You laid that sin on Me. You accepted My obedience and sacrifice on this poor sinners’ behalf. He is not accepted because of the perfection of his own obedience but because of the perfection of My obedience. Therefore, Father, restore this one whom You have accepted in Me to the joy of fellowship and useful service again.’ The Father accepts that plea and fellowship is restored.

The basis of restoration for a believer when he sins is not his emotions. Nor is it some act of penance. It is the atonement and advocacy of Christ. Then, let us penitently confess our sins and look to Christ, our advocate, to give us the peace and joy of restoration to fellowship.

Quote: “Christ never lost any cause He pleaded.” – Thomas Watson

Daily devotions are from the book “Eagle’s Wings” published by the Free Presbyterian Church. © Free Presbyterian Church 1991- All Rights Reserved.

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