Bits and Pieces – 114th Edition – May 15, 2022


     Paul was a man of considerable status, first as a respected member of the nation of Israel, and then after his conversion as the greatest Christian evangelist in the world.  A man who was so busy in his evangelistic efforts he could have been excused if he had allowed others to supply his [...]

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Bits and Pieces – 113th Edition – May 8, 2022


     Natural man has long considered himself master of his own destiny.  He relies more on self and less on God.  He exalts himself and is self-satisfied and self-sufficient.      The Christian rejoices, however, that he has been delivered from such self-worship.  He knows if left to himself disaster would strike, sooner or later.  [...]

Bits and Pieces – 113th Edition – May 8, 20222022-05-07T17:59:49-04:00

Bits and Pieces – 112th Edition – May 1, 2022


     One of Paul’s most effective tools was his use of the power of reason.  On several occasions, we read of him entering into synagogues and reasoning with the people those things that pertain to Christ and the salvation of the soul [Acts 17:1,2].  We learn that the Word of God, and hence, salvation [...]

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Bits and Pieces – 111th Edition – April 24, 2022


“The king…made him lord of his house, and ruler of all his substance.”  [Psalm 105:20-21].      In the affliction of Joseph and his later exaltation to Pharaoh’s right hand in Egypt, we have such a foreshadowing of the humiliation and exaltation of Christ as to emphasize the authority and inspiration of God’s holy Word. [...]

Bits and Pieces – 111th Edition – April 24, 20222022-04-24T02:31:45-04:00

Weekly Bulletin – April 24, 2022


Devotional Christ died for our sins …; he was buried, and … he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. 1 Corinthians 15:3–4 "Christ died." That the Prince of Life should come under the power of death by the free exercise of His sovereign will is a miracle of grace that [...]

Weekly Bulletin – April 24, 20222022-04-28T12:53:38-04:00

Bits and Pieces – 110th Edition – April 17, 2022


     The Bible foretells that in the last days there shall be a falling away from the faith.  That apostasy can be seen today in the increasing attacks upon the cardinal doctrines of Christianity.  Two areas are central to the devil’s strategy, namely, the deity of Christ and His bodily resurrection.      What a [...]

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Weekly Bulletin – April 17, 2022


Devotional “If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.” (Colossians 3:1) The wise believer revels in the fact of Christ’s resurrection. Some things in Scripture may be easier to identify with and apply, including Christ’s substitutionary death, but it [...]

Weekly Bulletin – April 17, 20222022-04-17T11:26:17-04:00

Bits and Pieces – 109th Edition – April 10, 2022


     On Palm Sunday about 2000 years ago, excitement in Jerusalem was steadily mounting.  The Passover would be in six days. Rumour was that Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth may come.  His miraculous works were well known, the sick were healed, and even the dead were raised.  Many thought He was the promised Messiah.  [...]

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Weekly Bulletin – April 10, 2022


Devotional Read history and see how the covenanters stood and died rather than give up to the enemy. Are we satisfied to be degenerate sons of great fathers? Consider A. B. Simpson who walked the shores of the Atlantic Ocean with cardboard in the soles of his shoes because he did not have [...]

Weekly Bulletin – April 10, 20222022-04-09T14:19:21-04:00
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