The Toronto church held its annual general meeting on May 1st.  Reports from the various departments were given and showed that the church and school are in good shape.  The pastor, Dr. Larry Saunders, thanked the many workers who made 2023 such a success.

     The church session was augmented by the addition of another elder.  In an election following the business reports Maher Louis was elected as an elder.  Maher, his wife Ria and their family have been long-time members of the church. Maher served on the church board for many years, and is well liked in the congregation.  This is obvious by their majority vote to make him an elder alongside James Fraser, Jonathan McAnally, Alex Newell and George Robinson.  Do pray for our Session that they will be given much wisdom to guide the church into the future.


     The United Methodists in the U.S. have decided to accept homosexuals into their ministry.  This, after many years of refusing to accept the strident demands of those whose lifestyle is described as “uncleanness” and “vile affections” [Romans1:24,26].

     A decision like this has upset many United Methodists resulting in many individuals and congregations deciding to leave.  It will be a hard move for those who have spent most of their lives in that church but the Lord promises, “for them that honour me I will honour,”  [1 Samuel 2:31].


     Our government, no doubt with an election in view, is spending at an alarming rate.  What used to be millions is a thousand times more, measured in billions.  And very often these are spent on projects that have little benefit to Canada.  Hence we often hear the cry, “Who is paying for this?”  The answer is simple.  You are!  Always remember, Governments do not make money – they spend it.

     They also promote gambling and betting as a means of unofficial taxation. Federal and provincial governments vie with each other to offer the most attractive opportunity to get rich quick.  The gullible public buy into these things where the chances of winning are microscopic.

     The Bible teaches the work ethic in temporal matters.  “If any would not work, neither let him eat”  [2 Thessalonians 3:10].  A country’s economic strength lies in its people’s wisdom, skill, and willingness to work as responsible citizens.  A nation that fosters these human virtues cannot help but be strong.

     Human nature also has a weaker side – the gambling instinct and the folly of expecting something for little or nothing.  Free handouts weaken the moral fibre and economy of a nation.

     Governments that try to prop up failing economics by encouraging human weaknesses instead of strengths are leading their people to disaster.  “Righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people” [Proverbs 14:34].  Gambling is a sin – Government sponsored or not!


     None of us enjoys waiting, whether in a traffic jam, a doctor’s office, or a line up in a store, our impatience often gets ahead of us.  We like things to happen immediately and on our time. Toronto sports fans are a patient lot – waiting 67 years since the Leafs last won the Stanley Cup.

     Christians have been waiting much longer (2000 years) for the return of Christ but the promise is sure, “Yet a little while, and He that shall come will come” [Hebrews10:37].  That day may be soon then we shall rejoice in the words of that beautiful Psalm, “I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined unto me.”  “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”