The great battle had been fought.  The great victory had been won.  The children of Israel had no part in that battle.  They had a part, however, in the celebration of the victory.  They stood still.  They saw the salvation of God.  The Lord did fight for them, and they did hold their peace.  Now, however, there was no holding of their peace as hundreds of thousands of lips parted and burst forth into a great glory song of triumph and victory, the song of Moses.

     But I hear a song that is louder and stronger in its vehemence and its volume than the Song of Israel.  It is sung on the edge of the sea of glass, and it is like the sound of many waters and of great thunders.  “They sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb” [Revelation15:3].

It, too, is a song of triumph. It celebrates a victory which we will enjoy forever, but which we had no part in obtaining.  The Lamb has fought.  He has won our eternal salvation.  And thus we sing His praise forever.

          Come let us join our cheerful songs

          With angels round the throne;

          Ten thousand thousand are their tongues,

          But all their joys are one.


          “Worthy the Lamb that He died,” they cry,

          “To be exalted thus.”

          “Worthy the Lamb,” our lips reply.

          “For He was slain for us.”


          Jesus is worthy to receive

          Honour and power divine;

          And blessing more than we can give,

          Be, Lord, forever Thine.

[Dr. Ian Paisley in Footprints of Faith]


(Taken from “The Current.”  Vol. 10:2)

     “If you do not pray except when you feel like praying, you will not pray much, nor pray when you most need it.  My brethren, when you do not feel like praying, you ought to pray all the more, and go to the Lord to help you to pray.”

[Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit.  35:583]


     “We must get rid of the icicles that hang about our lips.  We must ask the Lord to thaw the ice-caves of our soul and to make our hearts like a furnace of fire heated seven times hotter.”

[Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit.  13:79]

     “It may suit a teacher of English composition to criticize your sentences, but God thinks much more of your desires than of the words in which they are expressed.  It may be natural for a scholar to consider the accuracy of your terms, but God specially marks the earnestness of your soul”       [Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit.  48:483]


We say today we cannot travel much because of the pandemic.  No so.  The sun is an amazing orb of some 865,400 miles in diameter.  It is about 93 million miles from earth and forms the centre of our universe.  It is so large it would take 334,420 of our earth to balance its weight.  The earth, with us on board, travels around the sun at 66,000 miles per hour is like a very small pea compared to a giant pumpkin.

Therefore, if we live to the biblical “three-score and ten” we will have travelled in our lifetime, 40 billion miles.  We are, as it were, on an immense spaceship hurtling through time and space racking up 66,000 miles every hour!  Just think of that the next time you feel great about your power and abilities!


It should be remembered that our earth is heading for a mighty fiery crash. [2 Peter 3:10].  Yes, you and I are heading towards a burning disaster.  What hope have we got?  There is another ‘spaceship’ called the ‘New earth’.  On it, there is safety and security.  We now must prepare to leave this present world. The ‘ticket’ to the new world is to have Christ as Saviour, and in due time He will take us to heaven.

C.H. Spurgeon said when he stood on a railway platform awaiting the train; he would pat his pocket just to be sure his ticket was there.  Dear reader, have you got your ticket to eternal bliss?  You are on a potential 40 billion-mile journey.  Make sure you are heading to the right destination


The pandemic numbers in Ontario are improving and there are signs there will be some easing of the restrictions soon.  But the Province of Manitoba is in poor shape showing that we cannot be overconfident that it will soon be over.  Christians need to continue earnestly in prayer that the Lord will soon intervene and say, “It is enough,”. [2 Samuel 24:16]