Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your ongoing prayers for all our missionaries. Virtually every country in the world is affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 and we are especially concerned with how this is affecting our people on the ground. We have asked our missionaries to give an update on how all this is affecting them and some specific prayer requests to focus our praying. Please continue your faithful support, both spiritual and practical.

Thank you,

Larry Saunders


CZECH REPUBLIC — Rev. Milos Solc

We have been very much affected by COVID-19, as all other countries in Europe. But because of the extreme measures the country has taken, the situation is under relative control. At this point (Thursday, March 26), we have about 1800 people infected and only a few deaths. This is incomparably better than neighbouring countries. Germany has about 37,000 infected, and Austria has 5600 infected.

The Czech government has taken extreme measures: borders are closed, schools are closed, most businesses are closed. No free movement of citizens is allowed and no meetings. People can only go to work if their company is still in operation and to supermarkets at designated times. During all times, and in all places outside of one’s home, everyone must wear a mask. It is rather strange when the premier and ministers of the government are holding press conferences and speaking to the nation with masks on. This includes television news anchors.  Only the Lord knows how it will all end.

Despite all that, we are in good spirits, and looking to the Lord. Our church meetings are now over the internet. We serve a Sovereign God who is in complete control – a great reassurance to His people. Furthermore, the Lord has given new opportunities for service in these unsettling times. There has been much communication over the phone and the internet. We have sent out many emails especially to the unsaved, along with recorded sermons. Please pray that the Lord would use these efforts for the salvation of souls.

Some months ago, long before this plague, I started praying that the fear of God would fall upon our community and this region. Fear has come, and I pray that because of this trouble sinners will find the Lord Jesus Christ.

JAMAICA — Mr. Richard Craig

Despite a major setback in the country due to COVID 19, we are very grateful to the God of all grace who has kept us so far.  Due to this virus, the government had compelled all schools, hotels and some other businesses to close.  They have asked the Church leaders, as much as possible, not congregate to fight the spread of this deadly virus.

Preventative measures have been put in place to protect the elderly and travel restrictions are all over. Only a few who are associated with the Church have access to the internet, which makes communication for church services difficult.

We are uncertain of God’s sovereign purpose in what He is doing across the world, but we ask for your prayers, that the LORD will show us His way and keep us in His path.

LIBERIA — Rev. David DiCanio and Miss Joanne Greer

Liberia currently has three confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 15 suspected cases, all of whom are being kept in government-run quarantine. Thankfully, the government response has been quite pro-active, I think because of lessons learned during the Ebola epidemic as well as seeing what is currently happening around the world. As early as the beginning of February, when Mr. DiCanio flew back into Liberia after vacationing in the USA, temperature checks were being done on all arriving passengers in the international airport. Passengers returning from China, which was the hotspot at that time, were put into 14 days mandatory quarantine. On the same day that the first cases were announced (16th March), all schools were shut and precautionary advice began to be disseminated regarding symptoms, self-isolation, and social distancing.

Yesterday (22nd March), a 21-day lockdown went into effect for the two counties that are affected so far – Montserrado and Margibi. All commercial flights into and out of the country are banned, except for cargo or chartered flights. All entertainment centers, beaches and resorts, churches and religious centers, schools and educational institutions are closed; restaurants, banks, and supermarkets are limited as to the number of customers; public transport like taxis and motorbike taxis have passenger limits; any gathering of more than 10 people is banned (including weddings and funerals); and travel within and outside of the affected areas is discouraged.

Our bookstore and church are located in Montserrado, and our radio station and missionary accommodation are located in Margibi county. So as of now, all meetings at the church are cancelled, including children’s activities, the bookstore is closed for now since people come there to study and it may be termed a ‘religious center’, and we are limiting our travel and interaction with people. We are so thankful to have the radio station at this time; many people here do not have the internet connection to watch live webcasts, but most of them have radios. Because the station is run by a computer and one staff member at a time, we are hopeful that we will be able to keep it going throughout this pandemic. Thank you for your continued prayers, especially in this time of global upheaval and uncertainty.

MEXICO CITY — Rev. Jason Boyle

As of Monday, March 23, our city announced that all places where people gather would be closed for a month, including churches.  In the same way as many of our brethren throughout the world, we are working on using whatever means necessary to stay in touch as a church, and ask for prayer for our continued unity and love as brothers and sisters in Christ especially in these difficult times.

We also would ask for prayer for the many people in our church who are greatly affected financially by this situation.  Many of our people work in jobs where they get paid day to day, and jobs that depend on people being out and around.  Pray that the church would be used to meet those needs, and also that the Lord would be pleased to keep our people safe.

One burden that we have is that the Lord would use this time apart to give us a great sense loss, and make us aware of the great blessing that we normally have of meeting together as a church- that when He allows us to meet again there will be even sweeter times of fellowship, greater outpourings of love, and greater enjoyment of the privilege of gathering together as God’s people to sing and pray and hear the Word preached and partake in the sacraments.  May He use this time for His glory and for our good.