“Christ…entered…into heaven…to appear in the presence of God for us…once in the end of the world hath He appeared to put away sin…Unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation.” [Hebrews 9:24-28].

These three appearances of Christ vary as to time and location, but they are inseparably linked together as the successive stages of His high-priestly ministry.

When Christ came the first time it was for the specific purpose of putting away sin.  The atoning sacrifice of Christ removes completely from His people the guilt and the penalty of their sins. It was a full and final atonement.

But Christ’s priestly ministry did not end with the cross.  He has entered into heaven, “to appear in the presence of God.”  At the throne of grace, He intercedes for His people.

Furthermore, for those same people, He  will “appear the second time without sin unto salvation.”  Just as Aaron made the offering at the altar, entered the holiest of all, and then returned to the waiting people, so also will Christ come forth to consummate the salvation of His people.  Then the redemption of their bodies will take place, and they will be changed.

Do you have this hope?  Are you looking for Him?  Wait on, for soon you will hear the joyful sound. Just as Israel heard the tinkling on Aaron’s robe, signalling his emergence from the tabernacle, so also will the saints hear the sound of the trumpet, the shout of triumph, the voice of the archangel, and so shall they “ever be with the Lord” [Rev. John Greer]

Christ died; Christ arose; Christ intercedes; Christ is coming again.  These four pillars support the whole temple of Gospel truth.             [Alexander Simpson]


There is a wonderful illustration in Deuteronomy [32:11] of how God trained Jacob, and us, to fly into the heavenlies in the spiritual sense.  The verse reads, “as an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on their wings: so the Lord alone did lead him.”

The picture is of the mother eagle teaching the little eaglets to leave the nest high up in the mountains and venture forth in flight.  This is not a pleasant thought for the young eagle.  It is a long way down.  What if he fell to the bottom and his wings did not work?  So he is in no hurry to leave the comfy nest.  The mother demonstrates flight by fluttering over them.

If the eaglets don’t venture forth the mother then goes to the extreme length of stirring up the nest and, if necessary pushing them off the cliff.  The young ones must think their mother has gone mad.  But she hasn’t.  They must be taught to fly that they may eventually soar.  If they fall towards earth without getting their wings working here is the wonderful thing, the mother flies below them,  spreads her wings, takes the little one on her back and carries it up to repeat the process.  What a lovely picture of how the Lord deals with His recalcitrant child.  We must climb into the spiritual heavenlies although sometimes the Lord has to send some affliction to get us to venture forth and trust Him.

Question.  Has this been observed in nature?  Answer.

“Golden eagles, e.g. have been known to swoop under their flapping eaglets and fly upwards with the eaglets on their backs before dumping them off and repeating the process.”   [National Geographic Magazine.  April 2001 P20 “Ask us.”] .     Never doubt the Bible.


“Every child of God is born with eagle wings. God means you to live a heavenly life.”  [Andrew Murray]


It is good for believers to have a working knowledge of at least some of the Bible chronology.  Here are some from the life of Moses.  Remember that, while we want to be accurate, it is not always possible to be so.

Moses was born approx. 1360 BC

The wilderness wanderings were from 1446 to 1406 BC.

Moses died 1405 BC

Canaan divided to the tribes of Israel 1398 BC

Joshua dies 1380 BC.

Saul becomes king 1050 BC

David born 1040 BC

Jesus Christ was born approx.  0004BC


The Toronto Church has been on Covid19 lockdown 37 of the past 52 Sundays. On these Sundays, we were able to broadcast on sermonaudio with a maximum of ten people in the church.  This just about covered the pastor, musicians and technicians.

The Session has reconsidered opening the church for in-person services this Lord’s Day. With the rising numbers in Toronto and the potential return to full lockdown, it was thought better to continue with “online” services only, out of an abundance of caution. The Session knows you were looking forward to getting back to the Lord’s house, but if we open and then have to shut again in a few weeks, that can be more unsettling.

As more and more Canadians are receiving the Covid vaccines, it is to be hoped the pandemic will begin to lose its grip. Thank you for your faithful praying, and be encouraged that the Lord is in control of all things and He knows the way that we take.

Seminary student Mr. Frank D’Addurno, will preach at the morning service with Elder James Fraser in the evening, both on sermonaudio.