Rutherford was a gifted preacher, and the story is told of how one man went to hear the three greatest preachers of the time in Scotland.  After hearing the first one he came away saying what a wonderful preacher he was.  He came away from the second one saying what a wonderful sermon it was.  Then he went to hear Samuel Rutherford and came away saying, “What a wonderful Christ!” 

Anne Ross Cousins versified much of Rutherford’s thoughts in her renowned hymn “Immanuel’s Land.”

Fair Anwoth by the Solway,

To me thou art dear;

Even from the verge of heaven,

I shed for thee a tear.

But if one soul from Anwoth

Meets me at God’s right hand,

My heaven will be two heavens

In Immanuel’s Land.


“Even to your old age I am He; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you”

Growing old is a shock to most people.  That may be why so many men and women of maturing years use the skill of the beautician to cover the hoar hairs!  A leading neurologist once said, “Retirement can be the severest shock that the human organism can sustain.”  He was right, for the declining years of life are in many cases fraught with worry and fear.  Is there any more heart-rending sight than old men and women shut away in some institution, forgotten by family and friends?

The Lord has a word of comfort for all who are in the aging process – and, of course, that means us all without exception.  He is the same; He never ages.  His love is the same; it never lessens.  His sustaining grace is the same; it never weakens.  Others may forget us, but the Lord will not. He promises that He will

support us and carry us.  No trial will overwhelm us.  No waves of trouble will drown our hope.  He will be with us through life.  He will be there when we are dying to carry us over Jordan.  He will never leave us but will bring us safe to glory.  Whatever your age or condition, Christian, rejoice that the Lord is with you,”  [Dr. Alan Cairns. 1991]

“He whose head is in heaven need not fear to put his feet into the grave”  [Matthew Henry]


With the arrival of the pandemic came a phenomenon. A year ago no one could have predicted the closure of the churches, something the devil has wanted for centuries.  Impossible, we would have chorused.  Yet here we are with a worldwide shutdown.  Evangelical congregations are to be commended for quickly moving their Sunday services and their mid-week prayer meetings to the Internet, thus continuing their Gospel outreach.  But therein lies a serious danger.

The Internet is an electronic medium.  Any electric failure, accidental or planned, and the broadcasts go down.  Not only would the churches be closed, but also the Internet outreach would be shut down. The devil is the “prince of the power of the air” [Ephesians 2:2] and he is still determined to destroy the Lord’s church.  The devil also has his helpers ready to pounce.

Within the world of high-tech, there are extremely wealthy people who are no friends of Christianity, and have the power to “flick the switch”.  A well-known church in Florida has just been banned from its Internet outreach.  Why?  Because of the church’s stand against abortion and other Christian values.

What can we do?  We must keep a close watch on our equipment so that no one tampers with it.  The greatest antidote to wicked men is prayer. With all their billions they are no match for Christians in touch with God.  Therefore let us pray much, and believe more.


  • Rev. Reggie Cranston and his family arrived in Toronto on April 9 to begin his ministry in Canada, first in Barrie, then in Port Hope.
  • Rev. Kevin McLeod married Thelma Williams in Toronto FP Church on June 22.  Pray for Kevin, whose current illness caused him to retire from the ministry.
  • Mrs. Barbara Nichols finished building the mission hall in Jamaica, now being used for church services.
  • The Barrie (Ontario) FP Church made a start under the capable leadership of Rev. Kevin Mcleod with over thirty people each Sunday.
  • The McComb Building for the junior Whitefield Christian Schools was opened on October 20.