The scientific world is excited by the launching of the James Webb telescope on December 25 to replace the smaller Hubble scope and comes at the exorbitant price of ten billion dollars.  Its purpose is to peer deep into space and better understand the formation of the world, and perhaps find some evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

They could save themselves a lot of money and effort by studying the first two chapters of Genesis, which tell us of the world’s creation by God [Genesis 1:16].  It would be of infinitely greater value to study the Genesis report of the creation.  They would not then be speculating and theorizing but resting on the “Scriptures of Truth” [Daniel 10:21].


The human body is a marvel of engineering.  The Lord has given to each of us a remarkable body as a tabernacle for the soul, and despite the billions of people created, no two bodies are alike.  We live in these bodies for a lifetime.  We get to know them very well and are well-acquainted with their fortes and foibles.  Often the latter seem to outnumber the former.

The days of childhood and youth are great as our bodies grow and develop, but it is not long until they crest the hill of peak strength and begin the steady decline towards the great unavoidable appointment with death.

Growing old is a challenge, both physically and mentally. Loss of strength, sickness, disease, aches and pains ravage the ageing body.  Some have a difficult time and even wonder why our loving Lord would permit such suffering for His child.

Paul, as a tentmaker, likens the body to a temporary “tabernacle” or tent [2 Corinthians 5:1]. He speaks of its dissolution as if it were a tent in which the ropes are gradually loosened prior to its complete collapse. The afflictions of the body in later years are the slackening of the ropes. But never forget, it is the Lord’s loving hand that does the loosening.

Toronto used to have giant reinforced concrete silos on the waterfront.  It took a year to demolish them bit by bit.  In their place, beautiful new buildings were built.

The Lord is demolishing our earthly body prior to changing our “vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto His glorious body.”  [Phil.3:21].  Be patient.  Soon your body will be made sinlessly glorious like the body of the ascended Christ.


On January 17, 1981, Dr. Paisley was the guest preacher in the Toronto Church, then meeting on Warden Avenue.  He was in Toronto on Northern Ireland political business and took the opportunity to preach for us.  A small group of Marxist – Leninists met outside the church to picket Dr. Paisley.

They got a cold reception, for the temperature was minus 50.  So cold was it that the TV cameramen had to come into the porch of the church to thaw out their camera lens.  Salvation Army Major John Wood, who attended our church, braved the cold and preached the Gospel to the line of picketers.  Inside, the Lord overruled the opposition for His glory, and almost a dozen professed faith in Jesus Christ as a result of the faithful preaching of God’s Word.


     The Bible is like a magnificent palace constructed of precious oriental stone, comprising sixty-six stately chambers.  Each of these rooms is different from its fellows, while together, they form an edifice incomparably majestic, glorious and sublime.

In the book of Genesis, we enter the Grand Vestibule, where we are introduced to the records of the mighty work of God in Creation.  This Vestibule gives access to the Law Courts passing through which we come to the Picture Gallery of the historical books. Here we find hung upon the walls scenes of battles, heroic deeds, and portraits of valiant men of God.

Beyond the Picture Gallery is the Philosopher’s Chamber – the book of Job- passing through which we enter the Music Room –the Psalms – and here we linger thrilled by the grandest harmonies that ever fell on human ears.  Then we come to the Business Office – Proverbs, the Research Department – Ecclesiastes, and the Conservatory – the Song of Solomon.  Next, we enter the Observatory, where the prophets are looking for the “bright and morning star with their powerful telescopes.”

Then we cross the courtyard to the Audience Chamber of the King – the Gospels – with four life-like portraits of the King himself.  Next is the Work Room of the Holy Spirit  – Acts – and then the Correspondence Room –the Epistles – where we see Paul, Peter, James, John and Jude, busy at their desks under the personal direction of the Spirit of Truth.

Finally, we enter the Throne Room – Revelation – where we are enrapt by the mighty volume of adoration and praise given to the King of kings.  [Author Unknown].