John’s cry, Behold the Lamb of God,” broke four hundred years of silence.  Though God had been silent, He had not been inactive; divine providence was setting the stage for the world’s most significant hour.  Kings rose and fell, and God used each for His purpose.  The Persians financed the new temple.  The Greeks paved the way for the proclamation of the Gospel.  The Hebrew Scriptures were translated into Greek, making God’s Word available to both Jew and Gentile.  The Romans fulfilled prophecy and provided stability for the spread of Christianity.  Isaiah had predicted that Immanuel would come into a kingless Israel.  When Pompey entered Jerusalem, Israel became a tributary of Rome and lost all independence.  Although often harsh, Rome’s strong administrative, legal system contributed to early apostolic preaching.  Immanuel came into the world at the right time.  Step by step, God ushered in the fullness of time.  [Footprints of Faith. [p320].


Frank and Clarissa D’Addurno were blessed last Friday with the safe arrival of their first child, Franco David D’Addurno. Frank is a student for the Free Presbyterian ministry and is the son of the Rev. Anthony D’Addurno, the minister of Barrie FPC.  Everyone in the family is rejoicing in this blessed new addition.


Most of our readers are aware that the writer has been suffering double vision for the past year and with that the loss of his driving licence.  With help from the doctor and optometrist, an application was submitted for the restoration of his driving licence with not much hope of success.   However, the Lord was good, and a reply came back from the Ministry of Transportation saying, “Your case has been approved.”  So in the next few weeks, we should be behind the wheel again, thank the Lord.  Thank you also for your prayers.


“Whereas I was blind, now I see”  [John 9:25].

Sight is undoubtedly one of the greatest of human senses. To be blind is a great disability.  The blind cannot see the beauty of the rose, the smiling face of a loved one, or the scenery of this beautiful world.

To be spiritually blind is a worse infirmity, “The god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not”  [2 Corinthians 4:4].  They are blind to the glory of God, to the difference between right and wrong, to the beauty of Christ, and to the need to be saved from sin, death, and hell.

However, when Jesus was on earth He healed many blind people such as the poor man in John 9.  Even greater is His power to heal the spiritually blind.  It takes the power of the One who is the “Light of the world” to open the sin-darkened world of our souls to the glorious light of salvation.

When our eyes are opened we suddenly see the glory of Christ’s person as the creator and sustainer of all things.  We see the glory of His love shining on saved sinners.  We see the glory of His death and exult in the glory of His resurrection and ascension.  We await that day when we shall see the glory of the returning Christ.

Let us thank the Lord today in the words of the healed one in John 9, “One thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.”


     Most Canadians were happy and relieved to see the unexpected release of the two Michaels – Kovrig and Spavor, from a Chinese jail where they had spent 1019 days.  They were released on September 24.  One can only imagine their joy at finally returning to Canada and their relief after being freed from an unpleasant jail.

Christian believers can read the blessed story [Jeremiah 52:31-34] of the release of King Jehoiachin of Judah.  He was held in a Babylonian jail for 37 years – over 13,000 days!