The four destructive creatures mentioned [Joel 1:4] are actually different stages of the one and carry a prophetic message.

The Palmerworm is the locust that just emerged from the egg in spring.  It is known as the Gnawing locust.  The Locust is the same creature in late spring; in its first skin.  It is known as the Swarming locust.  The Cankerworm is the third stage with small wings.  It does not fly but eats much.  It is known as the licking locust.  The Caterpillar is the mature creature with six legs and full wings.  It is known as the Consuming locust.

These are parallel to four world powers. Babylon cut down Ammon, Moab, Egypt and Philistia.  Cyrus the Persian reaps Babylon.  Alexander the Great crushes the Medes and Persians, and the Romans cut down the Greeks. [From C.W. Slemming’s Bible Digest p437].


     The author and his wife are rejoicing in the safe arrival of another great-grandchild.  Summer Taylor McClelland was born on September 15 to Timothy and Christine, a welcome little sister to Carter and Tyler.  She weighed in at 6lb. 9oz.


In 1 Corinthians 15:45 reference is made to the “first” and “last” Adams.  The two Adams are alike in that they had a supernatural birth. The Genesis Adam was made by God from the dust of the ground and the “last Adam,” Jesus Christ, was virgin born.

They were both sinless in their birth, untainted by human iniquity, and both had a powerful influence upon humanity.  The first Adam left a trail of sin, and the last Adam brought redemption to fallen man.

The first Adam, by the exercise of his mutable will, fell in sin, and we fell with him.  “In Adam all die” [1 Corinthians 15:22].  The superiority of Jesus Christ, the “last Adam” is evident.  He is more than just a divine man, He is the Son of God.  He had superior holiness, for it was impossible for Christ to sin.  He was tempted but triumphant over sin.

The “first Adam” brought death.  The “last Adam” brings eternal life.

One final similarity between the two Adams is that each needed a bride. The first Adam slept, and bore a scar in the area from whence God took Eve.  Jesus Christ slept the deeper sleep of death and bears in His body the marks of the purchase of His spotless bride, the church.  There is a question every Christian needs to ask: is the influence of the first Adam or the last Adam the dominant force in my life today?


Many, when they hear that God made Adam from the “dust of the ground,” mock at such an idea.  In so doing they show their own stupidity.  All of us are made from the dust of the ground, and to it, we shall return [Genesis 3:19].  On earth, we are sustained by food, all of which comes from the dust of the ground.


Tomorrow Canada goes to the polls to elect a new Federal Government.  It is going to be a battle between the Liberals and Conservatives with the outcome too close to call.  The Liberals have a minority at present and the Conservatives are hoping to oust Justin Trudeau.  Political elections raise some interesting questions for Christians.

The first one is whether or not Christians should be involved in the political process.  The Bible teaches, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”  [Proverbs 29:2].  If the “righteous” are not God’s people then who are they? Every Christian should exercise the right to vote.  Remember the old adage, “evil men take over when good men do nothing.”

Some of God’s children may even feel led to stand for election.  This should be entered into carefully and prayerfully.  We need committed Christians in positions of authority.

Canadian politics is focused mostly around two parties with a few minority parties making up the electorate.  Some people tend to vote for the party of their choice irrespective of that party’s policies or morality.  The Christian probably would be well served by voting for the candidate in their area whose policies best exemplify the morality of the Bible.

Bearing in mind the “powers that be are ordained of God” [Romans 12:1] believers are exhorted that prayers should be made for “all that are in authority”  [1 Timothy 2:2] with the express purpose, “that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”  Let every Christian do his duty tomorrow and take time to vote.