This short verse [Genesis 1:16] is one of the most amazing in the Bible, and our minds boggle at the greatness of our God.  It is estimated that there are about 200 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy.  It has also been estimated that there are about 100 billion other galaxies.

If a modern computer were to count them at a rate of 10 million every second, it would take about 67,000,000 years to count them all!

Yet we are told that not only does God number the stars, but also He has a name for each of them [Psalm 147:4].  Well does the Psalmist cry out, “Great is the Lord, and of great power: His understanding is infinite” [Psalm 147:5].  Let us ever keep in mind the greatness of God and that beside Him, we are but mere grasshoppers. [Isaiah 40:22].


Paul uses three great terms to set out various aspects as to what the shed blood of Christ accomplished for God’s glory and our salvation.  He took the term REDEMPTION from the commercial system.  That word, right out of the marketplace, signifies that through the payment of His shed blood Christ set sinners free from the bondage of sin.

Paul took the term JUSTIFICATION from the judicial system.  It is a word right out of the law courts.  Justification does not make someone righteous but declares that someone is counted righteous concerning the law.

Paul took the term PROPITIATION from the sacrificial system.  It is a word right out of the temple.  Propitiation refers to the turning away of anger.  Through the offering of Christ’s blood, God’s perfect justice has been satisfied, His righteous anger appeased.  The amazing truth is that God Himself provided the sacrifice that provides propitiation, Christ’s own precious blood.  As we examine these glorious terms, we can only say, “What a Saviour! What a salvation.”  [Dr. Jim Beggs]


We are happy to announce that Sabina Rodrigues of the Toronto church has just published a major book entitled “The All Sufficiency of the Blood of Christ in Saving Souls.”   Dr. Larry Saunders, in his foreword, says, “the author of this book, in presenting the immense value of the blood of Christ, has followed a noble army of saints who have written, preached, argued, suffered and sometimes died to emphasize this jewel of Christian doctrine faithfully and Biblically.”

The book (118 pages. $10.00) is available from the author at Toronto Free Presbyterian Church.  It is also available through Amazon ($12.32 plus $4.98 postage). Sound Christian doctrine leads to sound Christian practice.  We recommend this book as a worthwhile study.


Earlier this year, Daniel and Rebekah Sima’an started a children’s outreach on Sermonaudio on Sunday afternoons (2.00 pm). However, a modest start with little publicity, Behind the Wall has done very well.  Sermon/audio reports 1824 plays reaching 19 countries and 31 states in the U.S.A.  Washington State had the most ‘hits’ in the U.S.  Countries as far away as China, Ukraine, and the Philippines have been reached as well as the expected countries like the US, the UK and Canada.

Please pray for our young friends as they continue to reach the young people across the globe with the Gospel of Christ.


     For a lifetime, George and Linda Robinson have cared for the financial books of the Toronto church.  Indeed, George has been the only treasurer we have ever had. He took over from John McComb when TFPC came into being in 1976.  After forty-five years of faithful service, George has decided to retire.  His wife Linda will join him in a well-earned break.

On Sunday, August 29th, the church honoured George with a gift and plaque during the morning service.  Drs. Saunders and McClelland brought tributes to George’s faithful labours both as an elder and business manager of the church and school.

At the evening service, tribute was paid to Linda for her work in the school ministry. She was given a gift, and refreshments were provided outside on a beautiful sunny Sunday evening.  A formal dinner would have been held in normal circumstances, but the Covid restrictions rendered this impossible.  But that did not restrict the congregation from wishing George and Linda a long and happy retirement.