Some time ago I watched a spider at work.  On a bush near our picnic table he had stretched out his web; a four-inch diameter skein of gossamer-like threads, almost invisible to the human eye; and interlaced in such a fashion that not even the tiniest insect could ever hope to pass, but surely be entangled in its sticky snare.

Indeed, just before we arrived, a large fly had come to grief on the fatal trap and the greedy spider was preparing to tuck in.

A short time ago the fly had been a free agent, going where he liked; his buzzing wings carrying him along with amazing speed, to dizzy heights and distant scenes.  But now he lies, the helpless victim of the cunning spider, trussed like a fowl for the oven and doomed.

This made me think of another desperate web and the numerous who are caught in its viscous cords.  It is the web of sin spun by Satan himself, to ensnare all those poor unfortunates who fall foul of it.

What a net the devil spreads, and what befalls those who are deceived by his subtle wiles.  There is no escape, humanly speaking, for the poor soul thus trapped.

But there is a supernatural way of escape, through the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the power of God.  He says, “Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee.”  And He does.  [Rev. James McClelland].


‘And He saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man” [John 1:51].

Yes, to our faith this sight is plain even to this day.  We do see heaven opened.  Jesus himself has opened that kingdom to all believers.  We gaze into the place of mystery and glory, for He has revealed it to us.  We shall enter it soon, for He is the way.

Now we see the explanation of Jacob’s ladder.  Between heaven and earth, there is holy commerce: Prayer ascends, and answers come down, by the way of Jesus, the Mediator.  We see this ladder when we see the Lord.  In Him, a stairway of light now furnishes a clear passage to the throne of the Most High.

Let us use it, and send by it the messages of our prayers.  We shall live the angelic life ourselves if we run up to heaven in intercession, and lay hold upon the blessings of the covenant, and then descend again to scatter those gifts among the sons of men.

This choice sight which Jacob only saw in a dream we will turn into a bright reality.  This very day we will be up and down the ladder each hour; climbing in communion, and coming down in labour to save us.  This is thy promise, O Lord Jesus, let us joyfully see it fulfilled. [C.H. Spurgeon. Cheque Book].


     He never taught a lesson in a classroom….He had no tools to work with, such as blackboards, maps or charts….He used no subjects, kept no records, gave no grades, and His only text was ancient and well-worn….His students were the poor, the lame, the deaf, the blind, the outcast….and His method was the same with all who came to hear and learn….he opened eyes with faith….He opened ears with simple truth.  And opened hearts with love, a love born of forgiveness….A gentle Man, a humble Man, He asked for and won no honours, no gold awards of tribute to His expertise or wisdom ….And yet this quiet Teacher from the hills of Galilee had fed the needs, fulfilled the hopes, and changed the lives of many millions….For what He taught brought heaven to earth, and revealed God’s heart to mankind. [Author Unknown]


      There is a lot of talk today about racism, about reconciliation between different races.  It must be admitted that there are jealousies between the different nationalities.  Actually, the cure for racism is quite simple – Read, study, and obey the Bible.  Paul emphasizes that God “hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth.” [Acts 17:26].  If God has made us all of one blood, and He has, then we should have respect for each other, regardless of colour, ethnic origin, culture.  “In Him we (all) live, and move, and have our being….we are also His offspring.”  [Acts 17:28].


“If we are to cultivate the fruits of the Spirit, then we must keep the seedbed clean.”  [T.N.].

“After a person has become a Christian, the greatest goal of his life is to be completely filled with the Spirit.” [E.H.P.].