“To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you”  [I Peter 1:4]

     Because we are elect, regenerate, and redeemed, we have a living hope of a glorious inheritance.  Peter lifts the minds of his readers away from the reproaches, persecutions, and afflictions of this present world to the glorious anticipation of their promised and sure inheritance in the world to come.

     Notice that it is an inheritance.  It is not attained by our own exertions, but is bequeathed to us and is ours already by promise through the death of the Testator, our Lord Jesus Christ.  How sure it is!  We must inherit, for the Testator has already died, and the terms of His covenant must be fulfilled [Hebrews 9:15-17].

      It is an undying inheritance, incorruptible.  There is no seed of death there, for there is no death in heaven.  Its glories, its felicities, and its joys are undying.  They will never sour with the oft tasting.

     It is an undefiled inheritance.  This word indicates that there is nothing added to it.  There is nothing to mitigate its holiness and happiness.  In all our enjoyments of earth there is an admixture of infirmity and sorrow.  But not so in heaven.

     Our inheritance is therefore unfading. It will never cease to give joy.  It is always fresh, satisfying, and new.  As we follow the Lamb, we will be led to deeper, fuller springs of life eternal.

     Then, it is unremovable.  It is reserved in heaven for us.  It is under the guardianship of divine wisdom and power, and so are we the inheritors – kept by the power of God. [I Peter 1:5].  One day soon it will be revealed, and we will see it in perfect fulness and reality.

     Let us count the trials of this life as but a light thing in the anticipation of such a promised and joyful inheritance.  [Rev. Jim Beggs]


     The use of the drug cannabis was legalized in October 2018 by Canada’s parliament under the leadership of the present Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  It was supposed to improve safety of use and public health, to reduce access by youth, and to minimize the illegal market.

     Five years later, researchers have discovered no health benefits, and uncovered some serious concerns [Canadian Medical Association Journal.  October 10, 2023], including “a large uptick in cannabis poisoning among young children.”   There is also an increased risk of developing schizophrenia from cannabis use.

     There have been 105,000 hospitalizations for cannabis use according to a seven-year study from January 2015 to March 2021.  Cannabis stores are popping up all over the place but sales are not yielding the profits once hoped for.

     Those who are addicted to cannabis, or alcohol, use them to ‘get high.’  This upsets the brain and can lead to serious accidents, and in these cases it is not only the users who suffer, but also innocent people who unknowingly meet them on the roads.

     Parents, do not use any of these drugs.  Teach your children to avoid them like the plague. [Proverbs 22:6].  A drug and alcohol free life is blessed of God.


     The Rev. Ian and Beulah Goligher are familiar visitors at the Toronto church.  They have asked for special prayer for their son, Calvin, who has a serious health issue.  Calvin is 33, married with six children, and pastors a Presbyterian church in California.  The Goligher family would appreciate your prayers at this time.

REMEMBER REV. DAVE DICANIO Serving the Lord in Liberia

MAILING ADDRESS: Free Presbyterian Mission in Liberia,

P.O. Box 558, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.


1) That God would call young men to the Gospel ministry. 2) That He would deliver Liberians from the prosperity “gospel” to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  3) That God would provide the financial needs of the work, especially the radio station and the bookstore, as we seek to advance the Gospel by them.


Before His second coming Jesus said there would be “famines, pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places.”  These have all occurred in recent times. [Matthew 24:6,7].  He also spoke of “wars and rumours of wars.”  We are currently in the midst of two serious wars – Russia and Ukraine, and Israel and Hamas.  Christians need to be much in prayer for the suffering in all of these situations. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus”