It is a good thing to set aside a day to honour our parents, but not just one day – every day! Today is Mothers’ Day and it has been celebrated in North America since 1914 under President Woodrow Wilson.

     The Fifth Commandment reads, “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” [Exodus 20:12]. This is the first commandment with promise – that of long life.

     Disobedience and disrespect towards our parents is a sign of the last days [2 Timothy 3:2].

Why should we honour our parents?  Because God commands it, and this underlines its importance.  They deserve our respect.  Bad indeed is the parent unworthy of the least honour from his or her children.   God is pleased with our respect for our parents.

     “Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord   [Colossians 3:20].


“As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you”  [Isaiah 66:13]

     A mother’s comfort!  Ah, this is tenderness itself. How she enters into her child’s grief!  How she presses him to her bosom and tries to take all his sorrow into her own heart!  He can tell her all, and she will sympathize as nobody else can.  Of all comforters, the child loves best his mother, and even full-grown men have found it so.

     Does Jehovah condescend to act the mother’s part?  This is goodness indeed.  We readily perceive how he is a Father; but will He be a mother also?  Does this not invite us to holy familiarity, to unreserved confidence, to sacred rest?

     When God Himself becomes the “Comforter” no anguish can long abide.  Let us tell out our trouble, even though sobs and sighs should become our readiest utterance.  He will not despise us for our tears; our mother did not.  He will consider our weakness as she did, and He will put away our faults, only in a surer, safer way than our mother could do.

     We will not try to bear our grief alone: that would be unkind to one so gentle and so kind.  Let us begin the day with our loving God, and wherefore should we not finish it in the same company, since mothers weary not of their children?  [C.H. Spurgeon]


     The bi-annual Ministers’ Week of Prayer was held in the Toronto Church on May 8 – 12, 2023.  Ministers and elders from Canada, the Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, Liberia, Northern Ireland and the United States were present, either in person or by Zoom.

     Each day began at 9.00 am. with Bible study.  Bringing the messages were Revs. Logan Elder (Orlando), Phil Owen (Buffalo), John Greer (Ballymena N.I.), John Armstrong (Dungannon N.I.), and Ian Goligher (Ontario).

     After the Bible study, prayer continued until lunchtime. The Toronto ladies did an excellent job in providing food for the week.

     At 2.00 pm., the presbytery sat down to take care of the business of the denomination.  On Wednesday night, a special meeting was held when the local church members joined with the presbytery to license Richard Craig (Jamaica) and Frank D’Addurno (Barrie, Ontario) for the ministry.  Richard will continue to give leadership in Little London, Jamaica, and Frank D’Addurno, with his wife Clarissa and son Franco, will go to Fredericton to fill the pulpit there. The outgoing Moderator, the Rev. Geoff Banister (Indianapolis), preached an encouraging word at this meeting.

     An international dinner was prepared for Thursday night, and all those present enjoyed the different dishes, representing the diversity of nationalities of people in the Toronto Church.


     The minister of Toronto F.P.C., Dr. Larry Saunders, was honoured by the Presbytery by being elected to the position of Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America.  This position he will retain for two years.  We congratulate our brother on receiving this honour and ask for special prayer that the Lord will give him the wisdom to fulfill his duties.


     Congratulations to Stephen Jr. and Vikki McClelland on the birth of Cruz Frank McClelland on Friday, May 5., a cute little brother for Eliana, Jaxon and Kayden.  Cruz is also the twelfth great-grandchild for Frank and May McClelland.  The name Cruz is a Spanish one and has the meaning of “Cross.”  May this little one grow up to be a faithful witness of the cross work of the Lord Jesus Christ.