“Ye are not your own.”  [1 Corinthians 6:20]

     When a failed store or restaurant is taken over by a new company, one of the first things the new owners do is to alert the public that the shop is under new management.  This shows that the otherwise disappointing place is now refurbished and ready to give the best service to its customers.  Whatever changes the new owners have made will be obvious to all.

     We were once like a failing company.  Our lives were marred by sin, and any religious service we did was barren and dry.  But when we came to Christ a dramatic change became apparent.  The old failures of the past were put behind us, and we looked forward to serving Christ to the best of our ability.

     Paul reminds us that we are no longer our own.  We are under new management.  The Lord takes over our lives and a dramatic change takes place.  He cleanses out the filth, and installs a new manager  – the Holy Spirit.

     Sometimes, old premises are bought by someone with limited resources, who can’t afford to put in place the changes needed to make the business successful.  The Christian, however, is bought by the Lord God Almighty, whose resources are infinite.

     He can make all the changes in us that are needed to make us successful Christians, people who can bear His name before the world.  When He does the work, He places a mark on our lives that proclaims to the whole world that we are no longer Satan’s slaves but are under divine management now.

     God’s ownership of our lives carries a responsibility on our part.  It is no longer the egotistical “I” that rules, but the submissive, “Thy will be done.”  Our lives will be greatly blessed if we work in cooperation with our new manager.  Remember, it is never profitable to fight against God.


     Last week we included a brief warning about artificial intelligence (AI).  Now we learn that Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “godfather of AI,” has just retired from Google with the warning about the “growing dangers of artificial intelligence” and stated that “he now regretted his work.”  He also said, “right now, they are not more intelligent than us.  But I think they soon may be.”

     Of concern now is the speed of development, and the direction in which it is going.  This poses a major problem for the Christian.  Throughout the history of God’s Word the Bible has been under attack.  The devil hates the Word of God and AI is another arrow in his quiver.

     The Bible is the product of human intelligence under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  “The prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost” [2 Peter 1:21].

     It is expected that artificial intelligence will eventually surpass human intelligence and if that day comes it will be in direct opposition to the “Scripture of truth” [Daniel 10:21].

     Someone, in the AI industry, said wisely, “Make no mistake, we are on a speeding train right now, and the concern is that one day it will start building its own tracks.”

     We need to pray, especially for our young people in this wicked age, that the Lord will give them wisdom to discern between the truth of God’s Word, and the artificial intelligence of the devil who is the “father” of lies [John 8:44].


Will the Old Book stand,

When the ‘higher critics’ state

That grave errors are discovered on its page?

Will it save the sinful soul?

Will it make the wounded whole?

Will its glorious truth abide from age to age?


Will its message still abide?

When the scientists decide

That its record of Creation is untrue?

Tell us the ascent of man

Is by evolution’s plan:

Will its principles the sinful heart renew?


When infidels parade

The mistakes which Moses made,

When the truth of Revelation they deny,

Will the Ten Commandments still

The demands of justice fill?

Will its word support us when we come to die?


Yes, the Word of God shall stand

Though assailed on every hand,

Its foundations are eternally secure;

It will bear the critic’s test,

And the idle scoffer’s jest,

Its saving truth forever shall endure.

[Christian Foundations]