“An anchor of the soul”  [Hebrews 6:19].

     Paul was a mighty Preacher of the Word and often impressed divine truth upon his hearers with a powerful illustration from his own experience.  For example, he was shipwrecked at Melita, but so that the sailors could commit the ship to the uncertain shore in daylight, they cast out four anchors to ride out the tempest during the night.

     The lesson of the anchors was not lost on Paul.  It is, therefore, no surprise to hear him speak later of the “anchor of the soul,” which he saw as a picture of the believer’s rest and security.  How perfectly does it illustrate divine truth.

     The anchor in use is not in the ship, teaching us that our hope is not something within ourselves, but in the person of Christ.  Only a foolish sailor would cast the anchor overboard without a chain attached to it.  How foolish is the person who is not united to Christ by personal faith.

     The anchor cannot be seen, but the mariner senses its pull on the vessel.  The Christian cannot see Christ with the natural eye, but the drawings of “the Anchor” are felt in the effect of his life.  The anchor does not cause the storm to cease but helps the mariner to ride out the gale in safety.  Christ, “the Anchor of the soul,” does not cause the storms of life to cease, but He is there to enable His people to ride out the gales.  The sailor on board the ship is not yet on land, but his anchor is already gripping the solid rock beneath the ship.  The Christian is not yet in heaven, but our “Anchor” is already there, drawing us irresistibly towards the Golden shore.


     Each week we have included briefly one of the major parts that make up the stand of the Free Presbyterian Church.  Already we have covered Presbyterian in Government, Fundamental in Doctrine, Evangelistic in Outreach, and Protestant in Conviction.  Today we note that the F.P. Church is: Separatist in Practice.  In accordance with the Scripture on Biblical separation [2 Corinthians 6:14-18.  Ephesians 5:11 etc.] the F.P.C. has NO association or involvement with the modern Ecumenical movement.  This it regards as a gross betrayal of the historic Christian faith, nor will it fellowship with churches that have departed from the fundamental doctrines of the Word of God.  God’s Word is clear, “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” [Ephesians 5:11].


     One of the writer’s great delights is to spot the first robin heralding the soon return of spring.  Canadian winters can be quite severe and the robins wisely head for warmer climes. When the first robin appears in February or March, it is a welcome sight, for it tells us that spring cannot be very far away.  Last Sunday, on the way to church, my wife and I saw, not one, but five robins feeding in our front garden!

     The North American robin is not actually a robin at all.  It is a member of the thrush family and is very similar to the European Song Thrush both in size and song, except that the North American one has a red breast which no doubt reminded the first settlers of the robin they left behind.

      The European robin is a much smaller bird and is the one that decorates so many Christmas cards.  It does not migrate and can be seen in the same area in both summer and winter.  The return of the North American robin to northern climes is a good illustration of spiritual revival and encouragement.

     The Psalmist describes [in Psa. 147:16] a wintry scene.  It is a picture of seasonal cold as opposed to summer warmth.  It parallels the spiritual feelings of many.  There are times when the sun shines brightly in our lives, and all is well.  But just as there is an ebbing and flowing in the tide, we sometimes find our hearts cold and listless and longing for spiritual revival.  Be encouraged.  The sun’s long winter trek will turn again – and the robins will head north!

     In times of spiritual coldness, do not give up.  Look for the signs of spring.  You will find them in the Bible.  A spiritually cold heart will read the Bible and get little from it.  That is just the time to pray that the Holy Spirit, the Author of the Book, will open your eyes and heart to see fresh treasures from Scripture.  It will not be long before you see the first ‘robin’ as a harbinger of returning spiritual warmth.

     Soon you will be able to rejoice in the words of the Song of Solomon, “Lo the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come” [Song. 2:11-13].