Worshiping God with All We Are

“And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.” Mark 12:30
In worship, several elements may be distinguished, among them love, admiration, wonder and adoration. Though they may not be experienced in that order, a little thought will reveal those elements as being present wherever true worship is found. Both the Old and the New Testaments teach that the essence of true worship is the love of God. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” Our Lord declared this to be the sum of the Law and the Prophets. Now, love is both a principle and an emotion; it is something both felt and willed. It is capable of almost infinite degrees. Love in the human heart may begin so modestly as to be hardly perceptible and go on to become a raging torrent that sweeps its possessor before it in total helplessness. Something like this must have been the experience of the apostle Paul, for he felt it necessary to explain to his critics that his apparent madness was actually the love of God ravishing his willing heart. It is quite impossible to worship God without loving Him. Scripture and reason agree to declare this. And God is never satisfied with anything less than all: “all thy heart . . . all thy soul . . . all thy might.” This may not at first be possible, but deeper experience with God will prepare us for it, and the inward operations of the Holy Spirit will enable us after a while to offer Him such a poured-out fullness of love. – A. W. Tozer

Special Meetings September 23-26

The Session has invited Rev. Ryan McKee and his wife, Hannah, for a special weekend of meetings. The date and time of each meeting are outlined below. Please sign the form in the church foyer to indicate how many in your family will attend the international dinner. We ask that you prepare enough food for your family with a bit extra for visitors. Please pray now for the Lord’s blessing and presence during our time together.


Please note that there will be no Prayer meeting on September 21 and no Gym Fellowship on September 23 as we encourage everyone to be in attendance for the special meetings with Rev. McKee.

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