Living Water

“I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.” Revelation 21:6. 

The grace that is in Christ Jesus must, from its very nature, be unpurchasable. It implies absolute poverty in the creature and infinite affluence in God. Could it, by any possibility, be purchased, it would cease to be what it now is, the “grace of God.” Because it is so great, so rich, and infinite, God has made it as free as the sun, the light, and the air. Nothing can procure it. Tears cannot- convictions cannot- faith cannot- obedience cannot- prayer cannot- yes, not even can the most costly work of God’s Spirit in the soul procure a drop of this “living water.” God gives it, and He gives it, as the word implies, freely. This is its glory- it is an unpurchasable and a freely bestowed gift. Upon no other terms is it granted. Consequently, no condition of human character, and no case of human guilt, is excluded. The vilest of the vile, the poor insolvent sinner, the needy, the wretched, the penniless; the voice of free grace welcomes to the “living waters.” What has kept you so long from this fountain? You have thirsted, and panted, and desired, but still your soul has not been replenished. You have, perhaps, long been seeking the Lord, asking the way, and desiring salvation. Why have you not found Him? You have borne the heavy burden of sin, month after month and year after year, knowing nothing of a sense of pardon, of acceptance, of adoption, of rest. And why? Because you have stumbled at the freeness of the gift. You have expected to receive it as a saint, not seeing that God will only give it to you as a sinner. But hear the word of the Lord: “By grace are you saved;” “Redeemed without money;” “Nothing to pay;” “Whoever will, let him take of the water of life freely.” Oh! receive into your heart this truth, and you will be happy. All creation will seem to smile upon you- the heavens will smile- the earth will smile- yes, God himself will smile. Dropping its chain, your emancipated soul will spring into the glorious liberty of the sons of God. What sovereignty, sweetness, and glory will now appear in the very act that forgives all, forgets all, and which introduces you into a new world, redolent of joy and delight! – Octavius Winslow

Baptismal Service

We were incredibly blessed last Wednesday at the Baptismal service. It was an encouragement to hear the testimonies and witness the baptisms of Diana Bershadsky and Caleb Siu. If you missed the meeting or would like to share the recording, you can click here to view the video.

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