“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:5

What is it to have “the mind that was in Christ”? We answer; it is to be ever aiming after the highest perfection of holiness. It is to have the eye of faith perpetually on Jesus as our model, studying Him closely as our great example, seeking conformity to Him in all things. It is to be regulated in all our conduct by His humble spirit. First, with regard to others, to choose the low place, to acknowledge God in, and to glorify Him for, the grace, gifts, and usefulness bestowed on other saints, and to exemplify in our social communion the self-denying, expansive benevolence of the Gospel, which enjoins the duty of not seeking paramountly our own interests, but to sacrifice all self-gratification, and even honor and advantage, if, by so doing, we may promote the happiness and welfare of others; thus it is to live, not for ourselves, but for God and our fellow men; for “no man lives to himself, and no man dies to himself;” in the spirit of Him, who, on the eve of returning to His glory, took a towel and girded Himself, and washed His disciples’ feet, it is to serve the saints in the most lowly acts and offices. Second, it is to exemplify, with regard to ourselves, the same humble spirit which He breathed. It is to be little in our own eyes, to cherish a humble estimate of our gifts, attainments, usefulness, and station- to be meek, gentle, and submissive under rebuke and correction- to “seek not great things for ourselves,”- to court not human praise, watching our hearts with perpetual vigilance and jealousy, lest we thirst for the honor which comes from man, and not “the honor that comes from God only.” It is to contribute to the necessities of saints without begrudging, to give to Christ’s cause without ostentation, to do good in secret- to seek, in all our works of zeal, and benevolence, and charity, to hide ourselves, that self may be perpetually mortified- in a word, it is to hunger and thirst after righteousness, to be poor in spirit, lowly in mind, to walk humbly with God, and to live to, and labor for, and aim after, the glory of God in all things. This is to have the “mind which was also in Christ Jesus.” – Octavius Winslow

The Lord's Day Services

Sunday, March 11, 2018

10:00a.m. Sunday School for all ages.

11:00a.m. Morning Service – Dr. Larry Saunders

6:00p.m. Pre-service prayer time

6:30p.m. Evening Service – Dr. Larry Saunders

Weekly Events

Weekly Announcements

Tuesday, March 13th

7:00p.m. Gym Night – Everyone welcome!

Wednesday, March 14th

7:25p.m. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

The Good News Bible Club will take a break for March 16th, 23rd and 30th. Please continue in prayer for all the children.

Weekly Events
Upcoming Events

Advance Announcements

Sunday, March 18th

10:00a.m. Sunday school for all ages

11:00a.m. Morning Service – Pastor John Bodner

 6:00p.m. Pre-service Prayer Meeting

6:30p.m. Evening Service – Pastor Daniel Olson

Wednesday, March 21st

7:25p.m. Prayer Meeting and Bible Study

The Good News Bible Club will take a break for March 23rd and 30th. Please continue in prayer for all the children.

Upcoming Events


We invite all men (old and young) to a special fellowship dinner and service on Thursday, March 29 at 7:00p.m. Our guest speaker is Dr. Stephen Pollock from Malvern FPC. We look forward to a good time of food, fellowship, and preaching.


Guest preacher: Dr. Stephen Pollock

Theme: God’s Will for our Walk

Friday March 30th at 3:30p.m. & 7:00p.m. (Supper served between services)

Saturday March 31st at 7:00p.m


“There is a beginning of heaven to be had in this life, even such a clear sight by faith in the Word, of God reconciled with us in Christ, and such foretastes of that sweet life we shall have with Him forever, as fills the heart sometimes with comfort, makes duties and difficulties easy, as if a Christian were walking in the entry or porch of heaven”. – Alexander Nisbet

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