“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

Here is a double argument against the sin of thoughtfulness. Take no thought for your life, the life of the body, for you have greater and better things to take thought about–the life of your soul, your eternal happiness. That is the one thing needful about which you should employ your thoughts, and which is commonly neglected in those hearts wherein worldly cares have the ascendancy. If we were but more careful to please God and work out our own salvation, we should be less solicitous to please ourselves and work out an estate in the world. Thoughtfulness for our souls is the most effectual cure for thoughtfulness for the world. Also, you have an easier and more sure way to obtain the necessities of this life than by fretting about them, and that is by seeking first the kingdom of God. Do not say that this is the way to starve. No, it is the way to be well provided for, even in this world.

It is the sum and substance of our whole duty. We must mind heaven as our end and holiness as our way. We must press toward it, give diligence to make it sure. We must prefer heaven and heavenly blessings before earth and earthly delights. Let care for our souls and another world take the place of all other cares.

“And all these things shall be added unto you.” You shall have what you seek, the kingdom of God and his righteousness, for never anyone sought this in vain that sought it in earnest. And over and above this, you shall have food and raiment besides. What a blessed change would it make in our hearts and lives did we but firmly believe this truth, that the best way to be comfortably provided for in this world is to be most intent upon another world! If we give diligence to make sure to ourselves the kingdom of God and the righteousness thereof, the Lord will provide as much of the things of this life as he sees good for us, and more than that we would not wish for.

“The morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” We must not perplex ourselves inordinately about future events, because every day brings along with it its own burden of cares and grievances. This does not forbid a prudent foresight and to prepare accordingly, but forbids perplexing solicitude and anxious thoughts over difficulties and calamities which may perhaps never come or, if they do, may be easily borne. What a folly it is to take upon ourselves today bycare and fear that trouble which belongs to another day and which will never be the lighter when it comes!

The conclusion of the whole matter is this: It is the will and command of the Lord Jesus that his disciples should not be their own tormentors nor make their passage through this world more dark and unpleasant by their apprehension of troubles than God has made it by the troubles themselves. By our daily prayers we may procure strength to bear us up under our daily troubles and to arm us against the temptations that attend them. – Matthew Henry

The Lord's Day Services

Sunday, June 24, 2018

10:00a.m. Sunday School for all ages. Combined opening for kids and adults.

11:00a.m. Morning Service – Dr. Larry Saunders

6:00p.m. Pre-service prayer time

6:30p.m. Evening Service – Dr. Larry Saunders

Weekly Events

Weekly Announcements

Tuesday, June 26th   

7:30p.m. Whitefield Gr. 8 & 12 Graduation Ceremony. Everyone is invited!

Wednesday, June 27th

7:25p.m. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

Weekly Events
Upcoming Events

Advance Announcements

Sunday, July 1st

10:00a.m. Sunday school for all ages

11:00a.m. Morning Service – Mr. Peter Banfe

Communion after the morning service.

6:00p.m. Pre-service Prayer Meeting

6:30p.m. Evening Service – Mr. Peter Banfe (Testimony – Ms. Pat Mills)

Fellowship & Refreshment following the evening service, Team #4 is on duty.

Wednesday, July 4th

7:25p.m. Bible Study & Prayer Meeting – Mr. Peter Banfe

Upcoming Events

Sunday School Summer Schedule

Starting next week, July 1st, all Sunday school programs will commence at 11:00a.m. This will give our teachers a break over the summer months.

Special Prayer Focus – Cloverdale FPC, Cloverdale BC

Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6

Over recent months the Sunday morning messages in the Cloverdale church have been based on John’s gospel.  On Sunday evenings, the studies are taken from the book of Revelation. The series on the Lord’s love letters to the seven churches has been of special interest and encouragement. As the Lord showed that He knows each congregation by addressing its specific needs, we learn to heed His warnings and claim His promises. The church has been encouraged by the attendance of radio listeners and is thankful for this added outreach into the greater Vancouver area and Vancouver Island. Prayer requests:

  • Increase in Sunday school
  • Growth for new converts
  • Consecration in service
  • Increase in membership
  • Men to serve as deacons

Please Pray for