Should the whole frame of nature be unhinged, and all outward friends and supporters prove false and deceitful, our worldly hopes and schemes be disappointed, and possessions torn from us, and the floods of sickness, poverty, and disgrace overwhelm our soul with an impetuous tide of trouble; the sincere lover of God, finding that none of these affects his portion and the object of his panting desires, retires from them all to God his refuge and hiding place, and there feels his Saviour incomparably better, and more than equivalent to what the whole of the universe can ever offer, or rob him of; and his tender mercies, unexhausted fullness, and great faithfulness, yield him consolation and rest; and enable him, what time he is afraid, to put his trust in him.

William Dunlop, Treasury of David

The Lord's Day Services

Sunday, August 12, 2018

11:00a.m. Morning Service – Dr. Larry Saunders

6:00p.m. Pre-service prayer time

6:30p.m. Evening Service – Dr. Larry Saunders

Report on Czech Rep. – Mr. Milos Solc

Testimony – Mr. Martin Hýsek

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Wednesday, August 15th

7:25p.m. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

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Sunday, August 19th

11:00a.m. Morning Service – Dr. Frank McClelland

6:00p.m. Pre-service Prayer Meeting

6:30p.m. Evening Service – Rev. John Bodner

Wednesday, August 22nd

7:25p.m. Bible Study & Prayer Meeting – Mr. Ed Santos

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