The Pilgrim Way

“How ye ought to walk and to please God.”  1 Thessalonians 4:1


“Many Christians are in the place that the Lord has appointed them, and yet the devil is harassing their lives with a sense that they are not quite pleasing the Lord.  If they could just settle down in the place that God has assigned them and fill it faithfully and lovingly for Him, there would be more joy in their hearts and more power in their lives.  God puts us in various places to serve Him, and the secret of accomplishing the most is to recognize our place as designated from Him and our service in it as pleasing to Him.  Even in the complex machine there is a place for the smallest screw and rivet as well as the great driving wheel and piston.  So also, God has His “small parts” whose business is simply to stay where He puts them and to believe that He wants them there and is making the most of their lives in the little spaces that they fill for Him.”

A. B. Simpson            

Weekly Announcements

40th Anniversary Services

September 16th

7:30p.m. “Renewed in Your Mind”

Rev. Thomas Martin


September 17th

6:00p.m. “Into Christ’s Image”

Dr. John McKnight


September 18th

10:00a.m. Bible Class – “By God’s Grace”

Rev. Ian Goligher

11:00a.m. Morning Service – “Not Conformed”

Dr. John McKnight

6:30p.m. Evening Service – “Living Sacrifices”

Rev. Ian Goligher


September 19th

7:30p.m. “Molded for Service”

Dr. John McKnight


September 20th

7:30p.m. Youth Rally – “Impacting Today’s Youth”

Rev. Thomas Martin

Please Pray For:

40th Anniversary Services – September 16th – 20th, 2016

Please be in prayer for these special meetings, marking 40 years of God’s grace and provision in this ministry.

Special speakers include: Dr. John McKnight, Rev. Thomas Martin and Rev. Ian Goligher. The Solc family will also be attending from the Czech Republic.