So Run

So run, that ye may obtain. 1 Corinthians 9:24

Paul learned his preaching style from One he never heard in the flesh, the Lord Jesus. The Lord constantly used earthly illustrations to convey divine truth, with the effect of powerfully focussing the hearers attention and aiding his retention. Paul likewise used ordinary things to carry great spiritual truths, and on several occasions used even the sporting arena to present some practical truth to his hearers.

In the illustration before us he likens the Christian life to a race. Elsewhere he presents Jesus as the starting line and the finishing point, and encourages his listeners to lay aside every weight so that they may finish their course with joy. Here he gives further guidance as to how the race should be run.

In an earthly race there may be many competitors, but only one winner. Often athletes, while they would like to win, are content just to place well. In other words, they have not really put their all into the task of winning. Paul warns the Christian to serve Christ with such dedication that the ‘Well done’ from the Saviour’s lips is his primary objective.

The one who will thus succeed must be ‘temperate in all things’ (v. 25). All his energies will be brought into subjection to the one great aim of serving and exalting Christ. He will not run the race uncertainly. He will start well, and his eye will be on the finish line. People will know he is an out-and-out Christian. He will finish well.

In the battle for truth he will not be ‘as one that beateth the air’ (v. 26) – all action but with little forward movement. The true athlete has an economy and efficiency of movement so that all his power is channelled towards winning the race. May God help us not to spin our wheels and beat the air, producing lots of noise and action but at the end of the day achieving little for the Lord.

Daily devotions are from the book “Eagle’s Wings” published by the Free Presbyterian Church. ¬© Free Presbyterian Church 1991- All Rights Reserved.

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