“I have kept the faith”   [Acts 24:25]

     Paul lived a long and illustrious life. From the day he was converted to Christ he was a dedicated servant of his master.  He spared no effort to reach souls with the Gospel message, traveling over land and sea as a herald of the cross.  Life, however, was not easy for him, for he suffered innumerable hardships as he crisscrossed the countries of the east.  He could easily have given up in despair.  But, with just a short time to live, he reviewed his life and could say triumphantly to Timothy, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” [II Timothy 4:7].

     It is amazing that we are already in the middle of the month of June and it is a good time for reflection.  How has my life been lived these past six months?  Have I lived for the world or for Christ?  Have I learned more of God’s Word?  Have I made progress in my Christian walk?

     The start of a race is important, but to finish well is just as essential.  Paul reminded the Galatian Christians how they had started well, but questioned what it was that hindered them from going on with the Lord.  He himself not only started well, but he also finished well.

     Have you stumbled recently?  Now is a good time to resolve by the grace of God to do better in fighting the good fight of faith, in running the race of faith, and in keeping the faith in Biblical purity.  Keep the eye of faith upon Christ, and pray, not so much for outward resolution, but for an inner revolution wrought by the Holy Spirit.


     Ted and Isabelle Glynn have been faithful in their attendance at the Toronto church for several years and, although seniors, hardly ever miss a service.  Unfortunately, Isabelle took a fall in her home on Thursday and broke her hip. Do pray for her healing, and also for Ted who depends much on his wife.

“As Christ at the fourth watch came walking on the stormy sea to the frightened disciples, so again and again God has come with deliverance when it seemed all was lost.” [Clarence E. Macartney]


     The Annual General Meeting of the Toronto church was held on Wednesday, June 14. A good number gathered in person to hear the year’s reports.  A similar number tuned in on Zoom.  The minister, Dr. Larry Saunders, introduced the reports.  Elder James Fraser was in the United States, so Elder Alex Newell read the Session report. The finances were covered by George Robinson, Jonathan Rajaratnam and Eric Delina.  The reports showed the church and school to be in a healthy financial position.

     Jill Saunders, Principal of the Whitefield Christian Schools, reported that the schools are continuing to grow with about 275 students lined up for September.  Ria Louis had an encouraging report of the Sunday school which is in rebuilding mode following the Covid pandemic.  Elder Jonathan McAnally reported on

the use of electronic means for getting the Word out.  One interesting stat was that on Sermonaudio last year, the Toronto church had 45,585 sermon downloads from 107 countries. That means an audience for God’s Word of nearly fifty thousand we were not aware of.  Pray that the Lord will bless each listener.


“Add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; and to knowledge temperance, and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; and to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity”  [II Peter 1: 5-7]

     “Do we today have the right reverence for our Triune God?  May I dare suggest that we over stress the love of God to the minimizing of His holiness.  A genuine appreciation of God’s holiness excites a wholesome fear.

     “Electricity is an invention that we appreciate, but how we fear mishandling it.  How much more must we have a wholesome respect for God as the Supreme Power of purity resulting in a keen desire to keep His commands; while simultaneously loving Him for His love through Christ Jesus that protects us from sin-induced destruction. Such is true and balanced “Godliness[D.H. Webster.  Submitted by Nagwa Mounir]


“If I defend the Christian faith at every point, but do not defend it at the point where it is presently being attacked, then am I a traitor and a coward.”